Parker's Place Foundation

Healing those who have lost too soon

Our Mission

Parker’s Place Foundation supports parents and families who have been impacted by pregnancy or infant loss through programs and resources designed to encourage and honor their grief journey.

It’s been said that the loss of a child is the greatest loss anyone can endure. If you have experienced the death of a child, you know that statement as truth. At Parker’s Place Foundation, we are connecting parents who share the common bond of perinatal and infant loss and giving them the opportunity to build relationships while exploring the grieving process.

Parker's Place Foundation was created in response to the large number of bereaved parents of infants and the lack of places to connect and move through the grieving process with others who share similar loss. We want bereaved parents to know they are not alone by building a support network and providing programs and resources designed to support the grieving process.

The Foundation is an organization filled with experienced, compassionate individuals that have the desire to encourage and equip bereaved parents to walk through his or her unique grieving process and to support one another in a way that is emotionally healthy and full of hope.

Parker's Place Foundation is founded by Janelle Demaree in memory of her and her husband's son, Parker William Demaree, who passed away when he was three days old.

Healing those who have lost too soon